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Thursday, December 17, 2009

We leave in the morning!!!

Ok...now for the unimportant part of the post, because, as you may already know, we leave in the morning! Today, we wore pants with no problems down to breakfast and to the zoo. Pants were not required in our hotel room, so Jianmei decided to take advantage of that opportunity. Hold on, Jianmei wants to say something:

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(That was typed while sitting in my lap, just so you know!)

As you can see...my little girl has a lot to say. I'm sure somewhere in there it says "we leave in the morning!" Mama just left to do some last minute shopping as we wait to go to dinner. We're all packed and ready to go, as I'm not sure if I told you, we leave in the morning. So it's just Jianmei and me in the room, typing and drawing and watching TV.

As we look back on this trip, I know that it will be remembered as an amazing experience. But right now, we're pretty tapped out. It's been stressful, it's been enjoyable, it's been full of heartbreak and full of joy. We really used this time to bond as a family. Jianmei has come a long way, and so have we. We're getting to know and understand each other, and that is opening up avenues of love and understanding that we have wished so hard for. And we know that those avenues will lead to more and more.

By the way...two new words Jianmei knows...""Beautiful" and "McDonalds". I guess we've been using those two words a lot around here. In fact, here is the rest of Jianmei's English vocabulary as we know it. "Good Job", "Yeah, yeah yeah", "no, no, no", Collin, Matthew, "take a picture", I love you, thank you, yes please, and of course..."NO PANTS!" I know there are more, but those are what comes to mind. She understands far more than she says, so we are very sure that her English will be fast and strong.

As we get ready to leave (Did I say we leave in the morning?) I wonder why is it that we always want what we don't have? Before we came, all we wanted was to get on a plane here. Then, all we wanted was to finally pick Jianmei up and call her ours. Then all we wanted was to leave Shanghai. Then all we wanted was to leave Guangzhou and bring our little girl home. I can't imagine wanting anything else once I get there. But it is kind of the Lefelhoc way to spend time running to stand still. I'm sure that won't change. We'll see what Jesus has in store for us. It's never easy, but it is always right.

Ok...if I didn't mention it, we leave in the morning and get home Friday evening around midnight. Collin has basketball at 9am and Matthew has a game in the afternoon. But we're off till after Christmas, so the rate race will have to pause for a moment as we welcome Jianmei to the states. It's been a wild, wonderful, bumpy, crazy ride...and I'd do it again!

All in the Family

Jianmei teaching us the "ladies" dance

Pack us up, we're going home!

Serious cheese!

Wow...who knew this guy could be fun?

Dancing with travel buddy, Joyel

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