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Introducing . . .


Wednesday evening, about 4:45 I received an unexpected call from our agency. They said, "You and Bruce are going to receive your referral tomorrow!!!!" I was in shock and in tears!!! The "stork" was in route to our small little town in Tennessee! I don't have to explain that I hardly had any sleep.

Today, at 11:00 A.M. (while I was at work) I met the "FedEx Doctor" who delivered our baby!!! Everyone gathered around as I tried to sign my name and open the package with shaking hands! I knew I loved him even before I opened it...but once I saw his face...that smile and oh those cute little heart melted. I just couldn't believe I was holding a picture of our child!!

Bruce was out of town, his mother was having surgery. I scrambled to get everything together to email to him. We were on the phone waiting for the pictures to unload and then Bruce burst out and with tears and laughter... "He is going to be line backer!!!" We talked...I cried...we laughed...I cried...we are in love with our son!!!

We are still trying to figure out how to incorporate his birth name with the name we have chosen for him...but for now he is Rudd Patton Wen-Sheng Williams.


Born: January 2, 2006

He is from: Pingtung Taiwan

He is living with: a foster family and has been for a year.

We do have birth mother information

His full birth name is: Chen, Wen-Sheng

Chen means Dawn or Morning
Wen means culture and literacy
Sheng means Victory

Height: 35"

Weight: 28.66 lbs

We love him dearly...there just aren't words for moments like this. As we think of him tonight...we are also thinking of his birth mother and his foster family and all the sacrifices being made to ensure he has a wonderful life.


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